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Thursday, October 3, 2013


It has been a while since I have posted anything on here, I honestly have been dealing with lots lately. I have done a lot in my life to be responsible or to fit in the community I find myself in. I am a bottler I hold it all inside and keep it to myself so that I don't create a lot of burden for those around me. A few people throughout my life have opened me up to varying degrees but for the most part I choose to let my thoughts go unsaid. This terrible habit has caused me to hurt people around me when I take it all out on them over issues that aren't the real problem. I am currently being put face to face with the places most broken in my heart where I have been wounded the deepest. I know I am my own worst enemy and left to my own the lies I have accepted as truths slowly become more and more of a foundation in my identity; because I feed into them. I have been sorting through my life and rethinking all that I believe and why. It is easy and comfortable for me to slip into the dark alone it is where I feel I belong and Satan would have me stay there. Thank God Almighty, The Redeemer, The Protector; for he has put those people in my life to look at me sitting in the dark and call me back to the light. The people who can speak life to me and even if they can't take away the turmoil I know I couldn't stand through it without them.

I write all this not just to talk about myself but to relate with those other bottlers. I know the need to keep the feelings to yourself to not burden or to not trust those around you. From the beginning God looked at Adam and said it is not good for man to be alone. As humans we were made for community to work together and carry each others burdens. I know sometimes you feel it is yours to carry, I am sorry but it really isn't; I am not saying you have to say everything to everyone but you need people to help you through life. Don't try to work through all those problems you hold in by yourself you will be overwhelmed and hurt you as well as those around you. God bless! This one goes out to all the bottlers, including myself and my dear friend Sassy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Philippines Campus Ministry

One of the many ministries we had the opportunity to participate in as a missions team in the Philippines was campus ministry. I spent most of my time on the trip doing the campus ministry because I feel God calling me to work in youth and in that age group. The fact that we could even have these campus ministries was a huge blessing and a big difference from the United States; note that these were not a bunch of private or bible schools these were the high schools and some colleges. Two methods were usually used when we went to schools the first was class room to class room; where the principal would let us in the school and we would just visit the individual class rooms. The class room method usually for my experience anyway usually involved the teacher stopping in the middle of a lesson and allowing us to talk to their classroom. We would give testimonies share a short message and sometimes sing a song or two. The second method was the assembly method where they would stop the classes gather them to a central location and we would talk to them there. This method usually involved one or two messages, skits, songs, testimonies, and an alter call and many many pictures. I loved the campus ministry it was heart warming to see the youth of the Philippines on fire for God in this ministry we saw many come to Christ for the first time as well as many rededicating their lives for Christ.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Philippines Spiritual Background

The dominant religion in the Philippines is Catholicism and this has a major impact on how people live their lives in the Philippines. Almost everyone there has heard of Jesus but few have a relationship with him their faith is in works and of their own power. This makes it easier and harder at the same time to explain Christ with them on one hand they have a fundamental understanding of who Jesus is and what he did; on the other the idea of earning your way to heaven and eternity with God is so much a part of their life that even after they start to develop their relationship with God they can still be caught up in the works. I personally met a few people in my age group who told me how it was just them or just them and their sibling who believe in having a relational experience God and that he has already redeemed us and that the rest of their family did not believe their faith was in the works of man still. They expressed how difficult it is for them and it breaks my heart that they are forced to fight that much harder in their homes to love God where it should be the easiest they must struggle the hardest; it is saddening that they cannot worship God the way they were made to worship him because their family is against it. one of my biggest prayers for the people in the Philippines is a movement in the hearts of the people to shift them from the works of man to the work God has already done.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Return

I just got back from the Philippines trip I had mentioned in previous posts, a few days ago. I first wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported this trip whether spiritually or financially without your support this trip would not have been the success it was; there is power in prayer. I wish you all could have gone and had the experience and hopefully one day you might find yourself in the Philippines. It is an unforgettable place, the biggest thing you will notice there coming from America at least is the people. Here everyone (almost) is so self absorbed and caught up in their own schedule and plans that it is almost impossible to just meet someone. When you are in the Philippines everyone wants to shake your hand and meet you, they want to know about you and your story. It didn't sink in until I went into the jails and found not "hardened" criminals but people who wanted to meet me and hear what I had to say; and it was the same with the homeless. We have so much luxury and so many blessings here in the U.S. yet they have not made us thankful quite the opposite we have let them harden us and give us a bad case of entitlement. Personally it was a huge blessing to me meeting the people in the Philippines I made some life long friends there and I hope to go back. Sometimes you don't realize how hard the world has made your heart until someone comes and softens it. There are many things I want to talk about from the Philippines so I will be splitting it up over a series of posts, if you have any specific questions message me on Facebook or send me an email at ib1crazyman@gmail.com

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Philippines part 2

In preparation of the missions trip to the Philippines I am going on I have had to participate in many fund raisers, ask for lots of prayer, and acquire multitudes of new IDs. It isn't easy to prepare a two week trip to another country and I am only taking care of myself, the burden upon the leaders organizing this trip must be tremendous which just goes to show how God gives us the strength to do his work. God provides for all his plans including this mission trip to the Philippines, I leave June 28th and have raised just over a thousand of the three thousand dollars I need to go. I know God will provide the rest of the money I need the majority of it around $2,000 by May 5th if you feel lead to donate here is a link you can use to do so online under my name Tyler or any of my other 3 team members

I ask that you continue to pray for the safety of the team members on our upcoming trip and that our work will be fruitful.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


God has blessed me with the opportunity this summer to go on a missions trip to the Philippines and share his good news. We will have the ability to serve others providing food, medicine, and prayer that might otherwise go completely without. A big part of this is you guys we would like your prayer and support as we raise funding for this trip and as we serve in the Philippines that we represent Christ in our actions. This trip is going to cost around $3000 per person to go so please pray over the provision of these funds and if you feel led to donate or want to know more about the work there please feel free to email me  at ib1crazyman@gmail.com or find me on Facebook . Thanks for your love and support God bless!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Small Groups

I started a small group for a group of teenagers in Arizona and one of the first things I went over was why? Why do we need to gather more than on Sunday mornings? Why does it matter that we gather in Small Groups or sustain this ministry? First I bring up Matthew 18:20 "For when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." God lives in each one of us and we all bear his essence so when we gather that essence can be more powerful we can see more of God together in community as Christ lived than alone. Solitude is important especially when we need to give thanks to God and focus our lives back on him when we stray, but the importance of community cannot be overlooked. In a large crowd such as at church on Sundays you aren't inclined to open and share things very often so very rarely do you come to grow with your brother and sister, But in a small group built on trust people can feel free to share things they wouldn't in any other environment. We get in a Small Group to grow close together and build one another up, we share and live life together and this makes us stronger. Most of us didn't know each other well at the start but now with the help of Gods presence we know each other and frequently share our lives together in and outside of small group, these wonderful people have marveled me with their rapid growth and understanding. So I implore you to think about finding or starting a small group God bless!